Sooft talca

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    Talc Talc

    It is an ingredient in cosmetic powder. As a filler, it is used in rubber, paper, paint and varnish, pharmaceutical (tablet base), perfumery and cosmetics and other industries. An important area of application is the production of ceramics (especially radio-insulating).

  • Talc 98% clear

    Doctors use white powdered talc for powders. This mineral has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used not only for adults, but also for children, both in a hospital (treatment of bedsores) and at home (treatment of hyperhidrosis). Added to creams.

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    Talc compound

    It is a chemically complex composition of hydrogenated magnesium silicate. The approximate chemical formula of talc looks like this: Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. It may vary slightly due to the replacement of some impurities by others.

  • Talc production

    Structure of talc The products of this mineral are collected into two main groups which are usually classes: Nodular (nodular) and plastic (lamellar). Nodal talc is used in dye formulations to increase density. Nodular talc is very important in the food, medical, rubber, and paper industries. The stocks of the knot of talc are less than in the whole world of “Waziri minerals”

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    Talc properties

    As a nodal and plastic mine, it belongs to our company and has enough reserves for further development. The chemical additive talc used in laboratory practice can be used

For industrial purposes, it is introduced as part of concrete and mortar to improve its properties. The use of such an additive will make it possible to obtain an improved mixture of 98.9% whiteness, which will ensure reliable and durable operation of the material.

  • 1. Talc is a hydrous magnesium silicate, theoretically 3 MGO 45102 H2O.
  • 2. Can obtain the desired particle size only hardness 1-1.5 density

are in the range of 2.6 -2.8 crystal shape monoclinic heat electrical conductivity is weak, but fire-resistant hardens and hardens when heated acid resistance.