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09 август, 2021
History Sooftgroup

Information about the construction industry in Uzbekistan; The construction industry in Uzbekistan has been growing in recent years, with government initiatives to modernize infrastructure,

improve living standards and attract foreign investment. The government has implemented a series of reforms aimed at simplifying the process of obtaining building permits and attracting investment in the sector. In addition, efforts were made to increase the use of local materials and local labor in construction projects, and to improve building standards and regulations.

The construction industry has seen significant investment from both local and international companies There has been an increase in foreign investment, particularly from Turkey and China, and a number of large-scale projects are underway, including the construction of new residential and commercial buildings,

highways, bridges and airports. The country is also investing in tourism infrastructure with the development of new hotels, resorts and other tourism-related facilities.

Despite these developments, the construction sector in Uzbekistan faces challenges such as a lack of skilled labor, lack of financing options for small and medium enterprises, and the need for further reforms to improve the business environment. Despite this, the sector continues to grow and is expected to play an important role in the economic development of the country in the coming years.

  • 1. Full transition to an electronic system for accounting for production, planning of raw materials and all business processes. Implementation of SAP ERP system.
  • 2. Construction of new residential complexes.

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