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    EVA-Polymer EVA-Polymer

    Ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate with the structure shown below. It is an extremely flexible and durable thermoplastic with excellent clarity and gloss and low odor. EVA has many attractive properties, including low cost, excellent adhesion to many polar and non-porous substrates, good resistance to flex cracking and puncture.

  • EVA-Polymer EVA-Polymer

    as well as good thermal adhesiveness and heat sealability. Typically, this thermoplastic resin is copolymerized with other resins such as LDPE and LLDPE or is part of a multilayer film. In blends and copolymers, the percentage of EVA ranges from 2% to 25%. It improves the transparency and tightness of olefins (LDPE/LLDPE), while a higher percentage of EVA is often used to lower the melt point and improve low temperature performance.