Sooft Peroxide Dicumyl

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    Peroxide Dicumyl Peroxide Dicumyl

    Vapor density 9.3 (vs air) Quality Level 200 vapor pressure 15.4 mmHg ( 38 °C) Assay 98% form solid reaction suitability reagent type: oxidant mp 39-41 °C (lit.) density 1.56 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.) storage temp. 2-8°C SMILES string CC(C)(OOC(C)(C)c1ccccc1)c2ccccc2.

  • Peroxide Dicumyl description

    Application Dicumyl peroxide (DCP) is used: in vulcanization of rubber as a crosslinking agent in the synthesis of polylactic acid composite fibers, in the preparation of polyethylene composites, in the synthesis of polyamide 112/ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer blends


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